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The Answer To Women Issues At Public Restrooms  

Something All Women Can Stand For


Female Urination Funnel

Urifemme female urination funnel is a convenient contoured funnel-like shaped device which allows women to urinate while standing even in the most unsanitary of conditions. Urifemme is made of a single piece of bonded paper that is amazingly pliable, flexible and easily unfolded for easy use.


Who is using Urifemme?

"I was out at a club one night with my best friend when the urge to use the restroom hit me. The bathrooms were completely disgusting. My best friend reached into her wallet and handed me a Urifemme. I couldn’t believe it, a disposable funnel that would allow me to pee standing up. This has to be the best invention ever for women."

Arlene W. Los Angeles, CA.

"Working in the home healthcare field you never know what your gonna run into with a consumers bathroom. I tried mine and I love it. Definitely worth having. Its nice to not worry about the filthy bathrooms and touching anything."

Blanca C. Miami, FL.

"I originally bought these disposable urine funnels for my trip to China and India. They came in really handy when the bathroom consisted of a hole in the ground. They didn’t leak, and folded up really flat. They also work really well when a port-o-potty is the only bathroom while tailgating."

Veronica C. Little Rock, Co.

100% Disposable

Made in USA of a single piece of bonded paper that is amazingly pliable

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Urifemme funnels are portable, disposable, and perfect to take with you everywhere.